Windows Azure


Windows Azure is Microsoft's operating system for cloud computing that facilitates the management of scalable web applications over the Internet. The hosting and management environment is maintained at Microsoft data centers . Windows Azure is similar to but distinct from Windows Server, which is intended for onsite hosting and management. Windows Azure is intended to simplify IT management and minimize up-front and ongoing expenses. Windows Azure can be used to create, distribute and upgrade web applications without the need to maintain expensive, often underutilized resources onsite. New web services and applications can be written and debugged with a minimum of overhead and personnel expense. New capabilities can be added "on the fly" to existing packaged applications. 

A feature called Automated Service Management facilitates application upgrading without compromising performance. Functions such as load balancing, caching, fault tolerance and redundancy are included to ensure high availability. Windows Azure supports a wide variety of Microsoft and third-party standards, protocols, programming languages and platforms. Examples include XML (Extensible Markup Language), REST (representational state transfer), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), Eclipse, Ruby, PHP and Python.



Azure Features


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Easy to use

Create and configure all Azure services using our intuitive web-based management portal. Work on any browser, on any device. No installation is required.

Virtual Machines

Quickly provision Windows and Linux VMs, apps and infrastructure using Microsoft-managed data canters in 13 regions around the world.


Create web apps with the language of your choice: ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js or Python. Deploy quickly using FTP, Git, Visual Studio, TFS and GitHub. Built-in Auto-scale enables you to elastically scale to support millions of users per day.

SQL Database

Create a Microsoft SQL Database in seconds. Connect using .NET, ODBC or JDBC. Manage your database using familiar tools, including SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.






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