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Communication lies at the heart of any business. To run your business you need to interact with customers and suppliers quickly and efficiently. Having on-premise servers and IT support is not always the most cost effective way. Exchange is a system that continuously requires maintenance, patch management, updating & upgrading, archiving, troubleshooting and so on. Additionally, you need to keep an eye on your license to stay legal. 

All these cost money, hardware, software and an internal IT technician to look after it. The last thing you can afford is a downtime of your email system. Not to mention that you also have the server operating system to look after. Cloud Exchange has now made it possible to get rid of all the above hassles and save more than 90% on the running cost of in-house Exchange server.

We offer managed and unmanaged Cloud based Exchange system. If you know your way around Exchange you can simply setup your account and start using it. Should you require our assistance then we can take care of setup, migration, maintenance and management for you, for latter, please contact us with your requirement. 



Exchange Features


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Latest Exchange server 2013 technology

50GB per Exchange mailbox

Up to 10 email address aliases

Outlook anywhere access (RPC over HTTPS)

Outlook Web Access

Instant ‘push’ email

Organisation-wide address list

Shared calendars

Shared tasks

Shared contacts

Cloud Active Directory management

Distribution groups

Room mailboxes

Mail-enabled contacts

Multiple domains

Access multiple inboxes from Outlook

Delegate access

Mobile ‘Push & Sync’ technology

Sync with iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android etc.

Sync with Blackberry 10

Remote mobile data wipe

Optional Outlook 2013 licence

Multiple UK-based data-centres

Optional Outlook 2011 Mac licence

Data replication for peace of mind


Every mailbox hosted on 3x Exchange servers for ultra resilience

99.9% guaranteed uptime

Anti-Spam & Anti-virus protection

40MB attachment size

No minimum mailbox

Domain name management

Additional fee applicable for migration from current system

Email, and telephone support




Exchange plans - Unmanaged

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Business Premium


Extra Features & Upgrades

Hosted Exchange Personal Mailbox

Hosted Exchange Business Mailbox

Advanced Security Exchange Mailbox Upgrade

Blackberry Enterprise Server Exchange 2010

Outlook Licence Exchange Mailbox

Hosted Exchange Throughput Upgrade



Prices exc. VAT

£4.99 User / month

£9.95 User / month

£12.95 User / month

£7.49 User / month

£12.49 User / month

£17.49 User / month

Annual Commitment

Storage Limit



Max. Email size: 30M

Filtering Level: Basic

UK Data Storage


Max. Email size: 40M

Filtering Level: Basic UK Data Storage

Spam holding period: 14 days

Non-spam archive period: 1 Year

Anti-virus Action: Delete

UK Data Storage

Additional cost may be incurred by mobile operator

UK data storage

Not available on Personal mailbox.

Per 1G throughput

Throughput Limit


1G / month   or

1000 emails / day  or

500 emails / 10 min.


1G / month   or

1000 emails / day  or

500 emails / 10 min.




+ 1G / month   or

+ 1000 email / day

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